Napoleon Skullfukk - Code Napoleon Skullfukk

Intervju - 06.04.2011 - Skrevet av: Asgeir
Nok ett band med fjongt navn som prøver seg fra Finland. Napoleon Skullfukk er aktuelle med Swollen & Torture Metal i disse dager, ei skive som inneholder bandets to tidligere utgivelser... Hi there R.Kurimus ! The Metal Norge crew hails you with much appreciation for your new album Swollen & Torture Metal! What could you tell us about the album?

To put it simply: Swollen & Torture Metal is two of our previous mcd’s on the same covers with a new artwork.
Torture Metal is our first sadistic attack, that will always have it’s value as the first brick in the temple we are building. Swollen is the second attack, and in it’s own way a little bit more twisted than Torture Metal. THE DAYS OF TORTURE ARE HERE!

Both of these mcd's are perfectly able to represent the band for themselves. What made you put them both together -instead of putting out some new material?

Actually the guys at Dynamic Arts Records came up with the idea to release both mcd's in same covers. Great way to promote our music, before we hit the studios to record our full-length!

What could you tell me about the lyrics and music generally? Is everyone involved in the creation of the tracks one the mcd's?

I’m in charge of the lyrical parts, and T.Myllyaho has his ways with the music. Lyrics are my visions, fantasies and things that have inspired me coming to life in a verbal form. T. Myllyaho is in charge of the music and creates his dark worlds through riffs. After everyone in the band adds their own spices into the soup, we add my lyrics and thus a Napoleon Skullfukk song is born.

How do you work with Dynamic Arts Records? Is this cooperation something that you are willing to continue in the future?

Guys at Dynamic Arts Records seem to be great guys and very much into the work they do. We are very pleased to have a change to work with them now and in the future. New material won’t leave you cold, that’s a promise!

I've started to notice a few bands from Oulu, Finland the last couple of years, could you mention some of the most apparent bands that people should be familiar with from Oulu?

- There are some great metal bands from Oulu like Torture Pulse, Disare, Seith and of course Dawn of Relic. Hails to Ancient Juntune!

Are the members exclusive for the band or is there any other projects for some of the members?

Each one of us have some other projects, but this is a Napoleon Skullfukk interview, so let's just keep it that way.
What do you listen for in search for some awsome “new born” metal band?

I think everyone of us listens to different, yet same kind of bands. There's no reason to wade in the same pond, when there's so much great music to be found when you keep your mind open.

Who would get the greatest “band prize” if you got to choose five hard working bands?

Morbid Angel

My last question : What is the thought behind the band? What lies behind the name?
I think everyone who are wondering the idea of

Napoleon Skullfukk, should seek out lyrics for our song 'Code Napoleon Skullfukk' - and use their own imagination.