Morbid Slaughter - Envenom om nyplata!

Intervju - 08.08.2015 - Skrevet av: Asgeir
Ja, da er det ikke lenge til Morbid Slaughter er ute med skiva "A Filthy Orgy of Horror and Death" -og personlig så ble jeg trukket mot skiva fra første stund. Derfor bestemte jeg meg for å sende ett knippe spørsmål til frontfigur Envenom, og her kan du altså lese resultatet. Name: Envenom

Instrument: Vocal/Guitar

Album of the year: The Children of the Night

Band of the century: Watain

Congratulations with the new album "A Filthy Orgy of Horror and Death"! How is everyone just before the release of the album in September?

Hi. Thank you very much. We are very pleased with it. It was a hard work, and a constantly support between the labels and the band. I'm still busy with all it. I'm supporting to Inti Records as the graphic designer. So, my job is not finished. Whatever, we are very excited for the album. It’s “the first akt of horror”. We chose September 4th, because that was the day of the first rehearsal between the first support drummer and me. It's a special month for the band. Six fucking years!

I must say -I've checked the album out and it's really, really good -but, perhaps we could start with the name of the album -what is behind the title, and do the listener get any horror and death during the playtime?

Thanks! Yes, that’s the idea. An orgy is a feast for the wild pleasures. Get drunk, swallow like an animal, and of course, have wild and twisted sex. This orgy is covered with the main concepts of Morbid Slaughter: Horror & Death. I mean, We always have talked about horror and death. Maybe in different ways, but they are always there since our first promo-rehearsal on 2010. The album was totally composed on 2010, you can hear Cannibal butcher and Chainsaw blade there (I hate that promo, sounds like crap and We played very bad hahaha), but on the demo “Torment in the crypt” I started to express as a whole all this concept about horror and death. Yes, the listener has to feel the Keres (the female spirits of the violent death) tearing his soul during the playtime.

How and where is the album recorded? There is something with the raw drumsound I really like. How did you manage to get that infernal sound?

“AFOHD” was recorded on different studios. Drums were smashed and recorded on Lima Noise Studio by Joel Noise Grinder. He's like a crushing machine! Almost all our discography was recorded there. He and his girlfriend, Alice, were always nice with us. So, it was great to record with Joel again, and have memories of that place marked in our first album. (Then of the record, Lima Noise Studio left the basement where a lot of bands had been recorded, and moved to other place of the city).

Strings and yells were recorded of Union Studios with Nito Mejía (our producer chosen by Inti Records and us). We recorded the strings in one night. You know, living after midnight! (Haha). We were there from 11 pm. to 8 am. It's a special memory. I remembered when I was very young and used to see "A year and a half with Metallica" on the house of my cousins, because they recorded or get into rehearsal room all night long. So, see that kind of things are happening in “Morbid” was something very special for me. I mean, I was recording the strings of my guitar on one room, and in the living room of the studio were Necrophiliac Sodomizer and Ripping Corpse practicing their instruments, sleeping or… I don't know what more, I was recording my guitar (hahaha). It was a nice feeling.

Yells… They were a totally challenge for me. I always wanted to reach the same intensity and the perfect mix between the vocals and the music, and it was a bit hard to get it. The first take was like "I HATE MYSELF!" because I didn't liked, it didn't sound dangerous. It was like, night by night, trying to get the horror until one night was the perfect night. Necrophiliac Somodizer was on the studio with me, and He’s the right person to get a good criticism, I mean, He shoots you straight between the eyes. I was very angry because you have to be better with time and I wasn't displaying that. I hate when people talk about demos with nostalgia (I mean, if you think that your demo is better than your album... you have a huge problem). So, I took the microphone and started to sing as a live show, just as a vocalist. I mean, I was moving and feeling the songs while I was singing. That gave it a special feeling to the recording. We all said: Okay, this is the night, and it was. After it, we wanted get drunk, but that's another story haha.

AFOHD was mixed by Nito, and Mastered by Tore Stjerna. I contacted to Tore, because He produces all Watain records, and I wanted to sound mighty. Since the first email, He told me: All bands are different. If you want a powerful sound, you have to make a good recording session and mix. So, we were very careful to don't fuck anything, and get a good stuff.

I guess Bathory is a heavy influence here - I can hear a lot of early Bathory at least. Which other bands have made any big impact on the songs?

Bathory, Venom and Hellhammer always were our main black metal influence. Deathcrush from Mayhem too. But I never thought like: "We need to sound as black metal has to sound" - No! We just wanted to sound mighty in each song. I have a strong influence in heavy metal. So, an album like "Defenders of the Faith" was sounding in my head while we were recording and mixing.

(I formed a Heavy Metal Band before Morbid Slaughter. We called ourselves "Savage Beast" and it was formed by Mario on the drums, and I on the guitar. I had a very precise image of what my band would look and sound like. Nobody filled the places and I decided to split up the band. That might not sound like a big thing, but it was to me).

You also included a cover song on the album by GG Allin & The Murder Junkies. What can you tell about that particular song?

The attitude, the rock vibe, and take a look to the lyrics. It's a perfect song for us! It has the same hate feeling as our songs (haha). The original idea comes from years before. I mean, some bands that I really like did a cover on their first album. I saw that kind of things in bands like The Doors or Megadeth. The Doors played “Whiskey bar”, and Megadeth did the same with "These boots". So, why not?

I guess there is quite few questions about this, but will there be several formats of the album? Vinyl edition and so on? Where do people buy their copy?

Yes. Vinyl edition will be released through Boris Records in North America. Deluxe Digipack edition through Inti Records (Peru) in South America, and a Die-hard tape edition by ourselves (limited to 100 copies, it's a special edition). People can buy the album through the web page of our labels ( or Die hard tape edition will be available in our official merchandise page that will be updated soon (

Any touring in Europe the next 6 months?

I hope so. We were talking about that kind of things, and we are planning some things for the next year, but first, we have to make known the band. But sure, we want to infect the world with our red eye rats.

Any last remarks to the readers from Norway?

If you want blood, you got it. Horns up!