Akarusa Yami - Britisk Progressive/Technical Metal

Intervju - 13.01.2015 - Skrevet av: Jan-Olav
Sist jeg møtte gutta i britiske Akarusa Yami var på Trondheim Metal Fest tidlig i mars 2014. Måneder har gått og jeg har tatt meg en ny prat med de for å høre hvordan året har hvert og hva som venter i fremtiden 1: Hello Tom and thank you for last time. First, can you tell me a little about the band; where, what, who?
Tom B (Vocals) – Hey, thanks for having us! The band was formed in late 2010 by Tom Clarke (Guitars) and I. We were both in other bands and wanted to try new things, and Akarusa Yami felt like the perfect project to do it in.

2: It's been a while since I last spoke to you and Tom ‘TK’ Clarke and you told me the band had plans for a new album and stuff, how's that going?
TB – Amazingly. The new record, “Heavy Climb”, is finished. It’s being mixed and mastered at the moment with a view to come out in April. We would have put it out sooner, but I had throat surgery at the end of 2013 which held everything up. Musically, it’s a massive leap forward but all the elements we’re proud of and we consider signature are in there and it’s easily our best work to date.

3: How do you work and what inspiration do you have when you are going to make a new album?
TB – We find the way we work best as a band is to give ourselves parameters to work within. Tom will get the ball rolling with riffs and basic drums, and pass the tracks to me and our drummer Adam (Jones). We then back and forth themes, patterns, etc and once we’re satisfied we go in and record. It’s a great system and the best for a band like ours. All of us get very busy, so it’s easier this way.

Lyrically, I want to write stuff that’s interesting to me. If I write something, go back to it a few months later and find it still resonates then I go with it. If not, I play around with it or delete it. I’m pretty brutal on what does and doesn’t make the cut, as I want whatever I put out there to be worthwhile. This album was incredibly hard. We deal with some very tough topics like the sex trade, child abuse, and mental illness; you have to be very careful when dealing with topics like this, and make sure whatever message you’re trying to get across is done so in a balanced way.

4: Do you have any plans for touring after a new album release?
TB – We haven’t discussed touring yet. Once we’re done mixing, we fully intend on looking into it.

5: I can see that you have played at several festivals during 2014 including Trondheim Metal Fest, how was it with concerts in 2014 for Akarusa Yami?
TB – 2014 was quiet. TMF was beautiful for us, but it was pretty quiet gigwise because we were busy with other things. We’re hoping to change that in 2015.

6: I saw you on TMF last time and was very pleased with what I saw, how would you explain your style of music?
TB – Thanks! I’ve always considered what we do as industrial music with hints of prog and extreme thrown in.

7: With a few concerts during the year, how are you guys when you're on the road?
TB – So far, no complaints. I think we’re used to each other at this point. We’ve been on the road with each other and worked together for the last four years. We tend to just give each other space.

8: When you were in Trondheim, Norway last year, was that the first time you visit the city and Norway?
TB – It was our first time in Trondheim, but Tom and I had visited Oslo a few years ago. We flew over to do a big interview with NRK, which was brilliant. That trip did us a lot of good, and so far we’ve had nothing but love from Norway. We f***ing adore the country and the media have been great to us. It’s a second home.

9: How was the concert experience in our country?
TB – Brilliant. The crowd were great, the venue was incredible and the atmosphere was great too! We cannot wait to come back.

10: Did you have any fun experiences when you were here, did you have time to see more than just the audience at the festival?
TB – I, sadly, was working most of the time I was at the festival. I made a point to walk around the city and take in as much of it as much as possible, but I had a lot going on. The guys took in the “Satan Caves” and scared the crap out of themselves. I’d like to do more site seeing when I come back in March.

11: Will you return to Norway in the near future?
TB – That’s the plan, but we don’t have a date yet. Once we do, we’ll let you know!

12: What can fans expect from Akarusa Yami in the coming year?
TB – This year, we’re planning on putting out “Heavy Climb” and hopefully go out and do as many festivals and shows as possible. We have a few exciting things we’re hoping to do that are a little outside the norm. We’re considering a theatre show based on the album. We’re playing with ideas, and once we have something we’ll announce it. We want to do something a bit left field visually.

13: Is there anything you want to add or say to Norway before we finish?
TB – Thank you so much for giving us such a warm welcome. We’ve always had an amazing time in Norway, and the love and reception from the fans and the media has been incredible and we hope with “Heavy Climb” in 2015 we get to come back.

Thank you for your time and I hope we'll see soon.
TB – Thank you, much appreciated and see you soon!