Lyriel - Leverage

Intervju - 17.02.2012 - Skrevet av: Asgeir
Kort forklart ett intervju med Lyriel om nyskiva. Name : Jessica Thierjung
Favorite Band : Within Temptation
Favorite Movie : Barber of Siberia
Equipment On Stage : Shure Beta 58

Hi, and welcome to this interview!
I hope everything is cool before the relase of the new album ”Leverage” that hits us pretty soon. This new album is actually some of the greatest gothic metal albums that I've come across in a while, and I think it actually is a bit exciting. Can you start by telling some promotional details for the readers perhaps?

Thank you. Lyriel was formed in autumn 2003. To be something special we looked for some particular instruments and found them in cello and violin. So Lyriel was born! With “Leverage” we have recorded our fourth album and we are very proud on it. It covers our entire range, from rock songs like "Leverage", ballads ("Wenn die Engel fallen," "The Road Not Taken") to Celtic influenced songs with concise cello-/violin parts ("Parting").

The album itself seems much more complex and in certain ways better produced than the ”Paranoid Circus”. What can you tell me about the recording of «Leverage»?

Our bass player Tim has his own studio, where we made the recordings. We have tried lots of sounds to make sure the recordings sounding "clean". We were much more meticulous than on the previous albums. Several times we re-arranged, re-recorded or made new vocal recordings in order to be satisfied with the end result.
It was the first time that we have refined our songs properly. Plec from the Panic Room studios (Sweden) mixed the songs and left one's mark upon them with his clear and powerful mixes.

Could you tell me some about your own expectations around the new album?

The production and songs should surpass the previous productions. We also wanted the songs to be straighter then never before.

I guess all musicians are different, but I have to ask anyhow is there any special parts of the album that you prefer yourself?

"The road not taken" - I always get goose bumps when I hear Linda's and my voice singing together. "Voices in My Head" - I like the heaviness of the song. "Leverage" - just a great and powerful track. "Repentance" - has such a beautiful vocal line.

What do you think is the most important changes from ?Paranoid Circus? over to the «Leverage»?

The production is much more powerful and the songs are more mature. We give more space to the acoustic instruments and reduced the amount of synthetic sounds.

Since the ”Paranoid Circus” came in 2009 you changed label from Femme Metal Records and over to the AFM Records. Were this a definite choice every member and both labels was a part of?

As we weren’t that happy with the support of our old label, we decided to search for another one. The cooperation with AFM is great. We feel well cared now.

I guess there is very early to confirm any touring or anything -but I give you the chance anyway. How will the spring and summer be for you guys?
We would love to go on tour but nothing is determined, yet. We hope that we will have the change to present ”Leverage” on some stages this year. [/b]

Any last words to the audience? ...promotional, drink recipes - or recomandations for further study in the German metal scene?

We would like to invite all of you to watch our new video "Leverage" on Youtube. On our website you can hear audio samples of the new album, which will be released on 24th February 2012.