Wolfchant - ...Call Of The Black Winds!

Intervju - 23.02.2011 - Skrevet av: Asgeir
Det har seg slik at jeg anmeldte Wolfchant sin nye utgivelse for en tid tilbake, og fant ut at jeg like greit kunne hive inn ett intervju til Norgahd -trommis, vokalist og ren idealist på områdene som gjelder bandets musikalske utforming. Skiva er forøvrig ute 25.Mars om du er intressert i å sjekke ut dette pagan/folk metal bandet. Hi there Norgahd! How are things in St.Oswald, Bavaria these cold winter months!?

Hej Asgeir! Everything is in best order. We had a very mild winter this year which is very unusual for our region but we didn’t have much time for winter sports or things like that anyway because of our new album and all the things around a release which have to be done.

Could you tell me about the project Wolfchant? What is the main goal behind Wolfchant -and how would you describe the band for someone who didn't hear about the band?

Wolfchant started in 2003 as a “garage band”. We all had musical projects and bands before but none of them were really successfull. Our founding line up consisted of two pairs of brothers. We have gotten to know because i and Gaahnt (he left the band later) gone to school together and our brothers joined the rehearsal sessions.

So we did many rehearsals in 2003-2004, had a very good time with partying together and just made music for our selves. During this period we recorded 2 demos which can be downloaded for free at our website wolfchant.com by the way. In 2005 we recorded an album and we focused much more on working on the album then drinking and partying around and so we did a huge step and everything went quickly then. We got a record deal and played the first shows live. The response was amazing.

Our second album “A Pagan Storm” was a bombshell. You know, at a time we got fan mails all over the world and realized that Wolfchant became an international known metal band. We got a new record deal with massacre records and released another album “Determined Damnation”. We got to know some guys from Rebellion. We recorded our album at Uwe Lulis studio and Michael Seifert (Nortwin) joined us for some clean vocal parts which was a big musical step for us.

By now Michael joined Wolfchant as a full member which was a big honour for us because since back in the days we was just hanging around in our rehearsal room we were big fans of Rebellion.

But despite all those great things that brought as so far we still do it because we are metalheads and have fun with what we do. The philosophy behind Wolfchant is fully none-economic.

In our opinion it’s hard to describe our style because there are so many influences. We just call it Metal, haha ;) But we know that you’ll always have to be more specific and so we called it “Epic Pagan Metal”. Concerning our lyrics this suites us very well because we have much natural and heathen inspired themes in them.

How would you like to desribe the new album “Call of the Black Winds” for the new listener? What is the main differences from the other three albums?

Technical viewed it is the most professional album we ever recorded. The sound is punchy but raw. Just as we like it because some bands exaggerate the possibilities of a good studio and the feeling of the sound is like “plastic”.

Musically viewed it combines the strengths of our last albums. The album carries the spirit of “Bloody Tales..” and “A Pagan Storm” but with Nortwin on the clean vocals we also again have the power metal aspects in as we had on “Determined Damnation”.

I know everyone says that but is simply the best album of Wolfchant so far ;)
We uploaded 2 songs of the new album to our myspace site and our web site so everyone is invited to listen and to form an own opinion.

Who is behind the lyrics on the album? I can see that you got some pretty fresh vocalists in the camp....? What is the lyrics about?

Yes, Nortwin joined us now as a full member but he also brought in some parts to Determined Damnation as a guest singer. Our vocalists write all the lyrics. It has happened that me or another of our band members wrote some texts but this is not often the case. On “Call Of The Black Winds” only Lokhi and Nortwin have written the lyrics which is the best way if you would ask me. If you sing a song you have to put emotions in your voice and the best guarantee that you feel the spirit of the lyrics is when you wrote it yourself.

The lyrics on every Wolfchant album are even natural spiritualism or anti-Christian and we try to write lyrics which make a sense and are not just dumb provocative propaganda. On “Call Of The Black Winds” we focused much on natural disasters and the Christian stamped modern society who thinks you should make the earth to your subservient and cause all this shit happens currently. Our party songs like “Never Too Drunk” are surely an exception from this, haha. But metal has to be fun too and so some party songs fit every metal album in our opinion.

What about the artwork. It seems like some pretty cool artwork, but I cant find any large versions for catching details. Anyway – who did the artwork?

Thanks, we think so too. I think there is a bigger version at our website if you click the artwork.
Ingo Tauer from german Pagan Black Metal Band “Riger” did the artwork. The cooperation was great and we like the result.

How is Massacre Records like as a label to work with? They got some goddamn nice people to talk to in the promotional department....how is the label itself?

Oh we are very satisfied with the cooperation. It is nice to have a professional business partner at your side to focus on the musical side of a bands life. The label is very fast when you need something and there is always someone reachable if you have a question or if you need something. So i would say the promotional department represents the label very good

How would you describe the Wolchant era like? Has it all been a great journey -and nothing to regret -or is there faults that everyone has to go through, big and small?

When i look back i only see highs. As we never stubbornly tried to get on the top of the metal scene and always did it as a sparetime activity we reached far more than we ever expected. Sure there were some bad shows but hey, who cares. At least there we had a good time by partying together. To be able to play tours and fly for an example to ireland for some gigs and learn to know the country, the people and then entering the stage somewhere you’ve never been before and seeing the audience singing along your songs with you is just the best which can happen to you. We are very thankfull for beeing in this situation.

This is perhaps quite hard to answear, but what is the main influence on Wolfchant?

I can’t tell you a band because we always tried to make our own thing and when you here all ablums including the demos you will see that it was a single process which formed our nowadays style. Despite that fact nearly everyone in the band has another subgenre he’s specially into.

What does the members listen to when they finally got some spare time at home? Jazz, disco and techno-beats or grusomme fistfucking metal?

Definitely gruesomme fistfucking metal!!! ;)
It is true that we also listen to metal in private. Well, surely some of us also listen sometimes to folk and some other genres like rock and so on but there is no one in the band which is an incognito techno freak, haha. We all hear different sub genres in metal also. I think this war within the metal subgenres is insular. I don’t know how it is in norway but in germany it turned out to be possible to start a struggle because you like pagan metal and the neighbor likes black metal...

The release of “Call of the Black Winds” is due to 25th of march. Any special expectations for that particular day? Some bands got their own “rituals”, like going to practice all day, other get dead drunk...any special plans?

I don’t know exactly but i think there was a mistake in the english media news of our label if i don’t stray, because the album will released at 25th of february or with other words this week.
We make a release party in a metal disco, party around with fans and get dead drunk i think.

What is the main attractions for a metalhead should visit if he visited Bavaria within the summertime? Any cool venues or sightings?

First of all you should book one of mine or Lokhis appartements, haha. Well, there are so many beautiful hiking paths and possibilities to get in touch with nature that you can hardly pick out one place. Definitely come to lower bavaria where we live, the bavarian forest. There you’ll find the biggest forest area in central europe. Nearby St. Oswald they rebuilt a celtic village after they found many relicts. You’ll find there also many facilities and attractions with tons of informations about nature in general. Despite that i don’ know if bavaria is that attractive for norwegian tourists because as far as i know your landscape in norway is even more impressive than ours. Unfortunately i’ve never been there but scandinavia is on top of my personal travel destinations. Maybe you can give me some tips too some time, haha.

Thanks for your interest and the interview. Also i would thank all readers for reading this all. I hope you will enjoy our new album and hopefully we get the possibility to visit norwegian with Wolfchant one time to play and party with you!

Pagan hails,

Norgahd & Wolfchant horde