Intervju - 20.02.2006 - Skrevet av: Robert
GGFH, et mer eller mindre ukjent band for de fleste av dagens unge lovende kanskje? Men for de litt eldre bør dette være et kjent og kjært band. For uinvidde snakker vi her om et band som har en meget unik stil: En krysning mellom avantgarde/industrial/ebm/synth/techno og metal med en stor dose samples kanskje? Bandet selv velger å kalle det elektronic death grind. En meget passende beskrivelse, og en fin bås å bli satt i spør du meg. Men GGFH er så mye mer enn det: Det er tvers gjennom vemmelig, mørkt og råttent! I hvert fall er det den følelsen jeg sitter igjen med etter å ha hørt på skivene deres. I forbindelse med bandets nye skive SERRATED SMILE var jeg så heldig å få meg en prat med GGFH main-man og diktator Ghost! 12 år har altså gått siden sist vi fikk en ny skive fra den kanten, og endelig ser det ut til at det rører på seg for alvor igjen. Endelig, vil mange mene! Her er hva mannen hadde å si: 1. Hell-o Ghost! Congratulations with the new GGFH album “Serrated Smile”! Considering the fact that “Serrated Smile” only has been available since Halloween (31.10.2005), how has the reactions and feedback from fans, press and record companies been like so far? And what is your opinion about it?

Well I think for those who have been waiting for it... it’s been well received! ...some feedback is that it has a harsher and dirtier sound... which is fine with me... record companies have stayed away so far... don’t know if they have the balls or can even market us... as for me I think it’s one of our best put together cd's... the sounds all flow together as some of our other work was all over the place... so overall it took me alot of energy to make it, so I’m quite happy with it.

2. First of all Ghost, I believe GGFH are new to very many potential fans out there. Can you give them a good introduction to the most rotten band on the planet? What is the meaning behind the name GGFH? Who are they? When, and why was it started? A short biography please.

I’ve told this story many a time lately so I’ll give you the condensed version:1984, started to make noise and cut up tapes for our acid trips... my friend Perry Fikdo came up with the name "Goat Guys From Hell"... which later was changed to “Global Genocide Forget Heaven”... we released many demo cassettes in the bay area and thru mail... Peaceville Records in u.k. signed us... toured with My Dying Bride and Fear Factory... then disapeared into the dark.

3. Some readers might believe that GGFH is a new band. But the fact is that GGFH is about 22 years now. And since we talk about a band with a long and rotten history, I want to start at the beginning: It was in 1984, correct? As far as I remember, you released 6 demo cassettes back in the late 80´s: “Hoe Or Die”, “Gates Of Hell”, “Matter Of Principal”, “Necrophilia Banned”, “Sick Revenge”and “Love Is Freed”, correct? What do you think of them nowadays? Are they available to the public?

Only a couple of or original demos are still being traded on our sites forums... alot of the best material was used to create eclipse our first full length cd... our first stuff like “Hoe Or Die” was a strange experiment in rap... being from oakland it just seemed to be in the air.

4. In addition to this, two demo cassettes was also released, namely “Eclipse” and “Halloween”, but they was later properly released. Was it any alterations in the track list and/or recordings on those two demos compared to the proper CD releases of the same names? Please share your opinion on all 8 demo(n)s with us.

Just “Eclipse” was a compilation of our first shit... “Halloween” was a compilation put together by Peaceville of stuff we didn’t release on any other cd... one of the last things we did with them... I love all of our early work and hate it at same time... it was alot of experiments... and learning so... I can hear all the faults... but I still love them.5. You continued with the following proper (not demo cassettes) releases: “Eclipse” in 1991, “Reality” in 1992, and the infamous and awful masterpiece “Disease” in 1993. In 1994 the demo collection album “Halloween” and the green collectors 7’ vinyl “Welcome To The Process / Too Much Punch” was released. What do you think of this proper releases today?[/b]

As with the question before it’s all our work... so obviously I still have fond memories of doing every single track... I find it strange that mosts people’s favourite song is Plasterchrist... which I improvised most of lyriks to and is very simple... I’d say my favorite song from “Disease” is Hands. I must say I agree with you in this matter Ghost! Hands are maybe the best GGFH track ever if you ask me! Awesome, dark and depressive!! True brilliance!!

7. You did some touring back in the days too. Tell us more about it. How were your shows like? Any other bands touring with you? I also heard that you “disappeared” during the tour? Who was replacing you?

Our shows were very dark... a few flickering TV’s with death and porn playing... alot of smoke and blood! I enjoyed the few short tours we had and hope to get back to that point someday... on one tour I wasn’t allowed in England as I had all our props in my luggage... little missy... severed limbs... as a result I was sent home... our rodie, Loz, had to cover for me and at one point he was only one on stage as brian was in hospital... that was beginning of end of that part of GGFH.

8. After 1994 it was silent like in a grave from GGFH. What happened? As far as I remember correct, Brian Joseph Walls quitted GGFH, why? It seemed like GGFH was dead. The truth is that you was still alive, but un-productive, or am I wrong here?

We went our separate ways... we'd been working together for a long time and I think it just took its toll... also our relations with record company got worse... Brian basically thought they ripped us off for t-shirt and merch money on tour... I wasn’t there so I can’t say... I went on to dj here in the bay area and all around U.S. When I felt I had enough I started working on GGFH again by myself... and have finally after 12 years released “Serrated Smile”!

9. What have you been doing all this years, since 1993/1994?

DRUGS...I’ve owned my own graphix company... doing CD covers, flyers etc for 5 years... as I mentioned I dj'd in the club scene for 12 years... basically done what ive had to do, to survive the high price of living here in california!

10. It seems to me that you broke the deal with your record label Peaceville. A label that also has/had bands such as DARKTHRONE, AUTOPSY, AT THE GATES and MY DYING BRIDE to name a few. What happened?

We had a record by record deal with peaceville so I think it just all ended after our ill fated tour... Brian went his way, and I went mine... I thank them for giving us a chance and getting us on tour in Europe... but I know they didn’t make much money, if any with us... we were a bit ahead of our time I guess.

11. In 2001, Peaceville released “The Very Beast Of...Volume 1”. A great collection of both wellknown and unknown/rare GGFH tracks. We all waited for “The Very Beast Of...Volume 2” to be released short after. It never came, and still it is unreleased today. What happened to this project? I think Vol 1 was really great, and I was really lucking forward to receive Vol 2. I was very disappointed when I realised that it most likely never would come... infuriately. Please clear it up for us.

Peaceville got ahold of me and told me they were going to release a best of record... since they own all our rights, they can do what they like... asked if I wanted to be a part of it... and also asked Brian... he declined and I thought well fuck I might as well make a new song and get the website out there for people to see... as far as Vol 2 I have a master of it... but doubt it will ever be released... I don’t think they made enough money on it... as it wasn’t marketed very well and I don’t like the songs they chose... maybe it might end up on the internet someday who knows?

12. Finally it is Halloween 2005. 12 years of waiting since “Disease” has passed, and your new album “Serrated Smile” is abruptly released like an unexpected dirty bomb. It was delayed for so long time that many of us were thinking: Will it ever come? It did! But as a self produced demo CD-R(!!) Why? No labels interested?

I had many offers from smaller labels to put it out, but I wanted to do it myself and see what kind of interest there was after this long... I’d hate for some small company to get 2000 pressed and only sell 100... were underground... we’ve always been underground, so it will be hard to reach people without some money backing ads and such... also I thought what little money was to be made on my blood and sweat should be mine... to put back into GGFH... make new t-shirts and the next CD possibly!I’ve never made much off of GGFH... I know I’ve spent more on it than I’ve ever made... but that’s fine with me... it’s a love of mine... a release.

13. Are you in negotiations with other labels nowadays? If yes, what labels?

So far, as I said; no major or semi-major label has had the balls... will they ever?I don’t know! I will probably end up going with a smaller label for next one...I’m just not sure yet.

15. I must admit that I have played ”Serrated Smile” damn much since I received it on Halloween. And I still do! I really love it! In one way it seems to be a natural development since your last album “Disease”. Still I was a little “shocked” when I first heard it. There was almost no music left on it like it was on “Disease”, and like I was expecting at first time listening! No sing-able melodies if you see what I mean. Only heavy beats, sounds, death, rotten atmospheres, samples, and best of all: DARKNESS! In one way it reminds me very much of your demo collection CD album from 1994; “Halloween”. I mean it in the way of using much more samples and sounds, instead of base it on sing-able melodies like “Disease” was. Of course it is very modern compared to “Halloween”. Still it sounds like real GGFH! No doubt! But why this difference? Was this development natural and well planned, or was it more like a coincidence that “Serrated Smile” turned out the way it did? Like a dirty bomb he he.

I like the raw sound of ss... I guess without Brians guitar solo sounds and programming... I got a different sound... but what I wanted to do is keep it GGFH... not let down people with some sell out crap... so I did what I could... I think its all very GGFH... on the next record im going to try a bit more guitar and harder sounds... I’ll try and throw in some melodies for you!........ It’s strange though I think this is the ggfh sound... in my opinion “Disease” was much more fragmented... Brian liked to try out a bit more of a pshykodelik soundscape thing... I guess im just up front, simple and harsh... anyway we'll see what happens on next CD!

16. What are your future plans and ambitions with GGFH, both when it comes to “Serrated Smile”, and touring?

Just to keep it going!... as far as a tour I’ve said many times without some money backing it... it wont happen... I’m not going out and doing some half ass show... So unless we get signed... no major tour in the near future... although that’s what im looking forward to the most... getting out of here and doing some shows in some small shitholes... I miss it!

17. Was it any material “left-over” from “Serrated Smile”? If yes, is it something you can use on the next album? Maybe a little early to ask for a new album now, but I still wonder if you are in the writing process already, or?

Yes I had many beats left over from ss... Will they make next record?... possibly... As far as starting that process... no I haven’t touched a beat or written anything since the release... I think doing all that by myself mostly, burned me out...This week im going to work on new layout for website and start back in to the studio. Also the guys from havoc unit have asked me to do some vox... so hopefully that comes thru...

18. When it comes to the music, I believe “Serrated Smile” actually is more inaccessible for the masses than “Disease” was. Any comments to that? What do you think of GGFH´s development in general during the years?

I don’t see it that way... but I guess most people do...Maybe we’ve been gone so long; the sounds you hear have changed... too much trace ebm crap going round... GGFH has never been about what is popular... its all about doing what you want... we never even set out to be signed... it just happened...I think the sound of this whole record is GGFH... I’ve said it before and ill say it again.

19. When it comes to the cover artwork, this was also different than what I expected: For a long time you had cover artwork for “Serrated Smile” uploaded on But this was not futured on the self released CD-R. It was replaced by another cover instead. Is the artwork changed for good, or was it only a temporary solution meant for this CD-R only, until you have a proper record deal for the album?

That pic was a fan artwork sent in... Was never intended to be cover...I kept the cover and artwork simple as... yes... I am doing a CD-R homemade release and I think the cover isn’t selling this cd, the music is... and the fans waiting for it will get the point... if I do a real release with another record company, I’ll probably get a bit more detailed in artwork.

20. What is the lyrics all about?

Life, death, and the waste of time on this shitty planet!!!

21. Any ideology behind GGFH?

Just to open your eyes... don’t go threw life with blinders on...Be aware that we are the disease of this world and we will kill it...We’re human... the cruellest animal... and I doubt we will change in time to make this heaven... not the hell we’ve created.

22. You have replaced Brian Joseph Walls with new members. Tell me more about them. Who are they, and what do they do in GGFH? Do they have something to say after all, or is it only Ghost dictatorship all the way?

I’ve got help from Desire, Hex, Evol and Dirty... but I guess when it comes down to it I’m the one in the studio all night... I know what GGFH should sound like... and look like! Not a dictatorship, but I defiantly get the last word...

23. What or who is your inspirations? Bands, films, special persons and so on.

I’ve always watched monster movies...even as a child... the darkside has always called me! So anything from serial killers to jesus freaks... I like to watch people, and the human animal is one strange creature...

24. Your opinion on today’s scene and music-industry. Both when it comes to the electronic scene, and the metal scene. Any cool bands and/or labels you can recommend?

I’ve mentioned this on our forums; the state of "industrial" is in bad shape... it all sounds like trance music with some happy female vox... and its packaged as industrial?... I could go on about this forever but I’d just be whining... so I’m going to just make what I think industrial music is... most will probably hate it cause they cant dance to it... but fuck em... make the music you want to make! That’s GGFH!!!

25. Closing comments? Something you want to say to the masses around the golden globe? The word is yours:

Just thanx to all the supporters over the years!! You sick fux... check out our site at if you haven’t already...

“Stiff and blue... is how I love you”!!!
...... Ghost/GGFH!

Also check out GGFH at

Thanx for answering the questions, and sharing your knowledge with us Ghost!

And remember:
America will fade and die away!

Interview done by: Saiihtam / PLANET SATAN REVOLUTION